Alcatraz Inmate #666

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  Kansas City Star labeled William Radkay as one of the most notorious armed robbers in Kansas City history.  Willie had eight bullets in his body to remind him of being shot by the police eight different times.  A picture of his x-ray is in his book showing the six slugs in his torso and the other two were in his arms.   Willie spent time on Alcatraz (1945-1952) when the “Cream of the Criminal Crop” was also locked up inside its walls. Infamous criminals like Al Capone, George “Machine Gun” Kelly, Basil “The Owl” Banghart, Alvin “Creepy” Karpis, and the Bird Man all lived on that tiny island and Willie knew every one of them.  When he was sixteen years old a prostitute gave him a gun to protect himself from her pimp who wanted to rob him.  With that gun he began robbing grocery stores, drug stores and department stores launching his criminal career.  He was on the FBI's most wanted list as a serial bank robber. He worked along side George "Machine Gun" Kelly and Basil "The Owl" Banghart in the industries office while on Alcatraz and the guards nicknamed them "The Gruesome Threesome".


 The man who once made the FBI’s most-wanted list passed away quietly on Sept 24, 06,

which was his 95th birthday. (1911-2006)


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Willie on the Rock

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Alcatraz Picture shows Willie Radkay with Machine Gun Kelly in the Yard in the year of 1950

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illie Radkay on Alcatraz
 for the 76th Alumni Reunion

Here is Willie standing in front of his cell
A Devil Incarnate From Altar Boy To Alcatraz
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